Wounded child – another scene from my childhood


It would seem that the orphan-child has all the attributes of the child and there is no need to delve into it more. But I needed to understand me better, the more that a child as a girl, I was emotionally scarred. Indirectly I also discovered orphan-child in me, even though it was’ nt, in fact, because I had parents, but I was emotionally abandoned by them.

These two views of the child in me, gave me a strong foundation for understanding both: my  profession and health as a value. An injured child is regulating the highest potential in man. I realized that I could achieve the highest potential when I take care of my child, heal his hurts.

I wrote many times about my wounds in my healing subsequent scenes of my childhood. It was described also in my book ” Psychosomatic, emotional and spiritual aspects of stress disorders .” My experience of wounded child touched very deeply nearly all my life, both in feeling hurted (hence the sense of the victim in me too – because all these energies are intimately intertwined) and then decode and transform it in my holding strength, my profession, helping others. I understood the magnitude of this force, as it affects the quality of life of every human being, and how over the years I took on responsibilities to be the ultimate authority.

I’ve learned from my life lessons a lot of wisdom especially than I can achieve the greatest potential taking care of my wounded child. I could thus overcome the biggest fear of people (those adults who hurted children years ago, those standing at the door and causing fear consequences for life for the whole family). I could overcome all the health problems and, above all, protect myself, make my orphan-child – healthy child, supported his development of reaching the top of his potential, implemented in himself.

Trauma blocks to achieve the highest potential, and exceeding it helps to look at it from a distance, as the power to support hurted child, and thus help other abused children (often unconsciously) in families or by life circumstances.

This is not only any description. This is real case of authentic life to show you to take advantage from it. Do you have happy child or wounded child? Could you see what your life is showing you the way to go, to fulfill your meaning of any experience, any disease, any energy whish is deeply rooted inside of this event to discover it and use for your fulfillment.

About ewada2012

Passionate scientist searching for answers for health and human activity. Many years I have been involved in medicine. After almost 25 years I found a system of psychosynthesis which permitted me to find the deep core of my health problems derived from early childhood experiences. In next years I learned a lot of methods and techniques which I used to heal myself and decode my problems. I started to teach, write educational materials (Self-education and "health education" programs) and books, created Association "Education for the Future" (1997-2003) and later Institute of Psychosynthesis. Centre of Supporting Human Development. I am the authoress of 33 books and 120 scientific articles concerning health education and self-education, also decode and heal auto-immunoagression disorders. I am writing also poems and fairly tales.

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