The real power is within you

Paryż fontanna and Eifel

I was very busy today, so I decided to re-enter one of the previous post from the blog. It is very important to constantly remind people how much power they have in themselves to recover.

In different moments of greatest pain all over the body, it came to me from one side helplessness and despair, on the other, hope and creativity. It was unknown feeling I can do something for me to change this situation. I felt that I could cross the border, especially pain, resistance and fear. These moments of polarity, the two poles of feeling touched me together, bringing a state of calm and confidence. That was it! It was a union, the emptiness and in the same moment a discovery of some level in me that was stable, and at the same time containing power. Initially it was a spark that was crushed, but that it just brought me realize that something more is achievable in me that it is covered within me and I can use it for healing me. I had to use this little spark of hope to make from it a real fire, quickly fading, create a flame, and finally spiral out in constant burning fireplace. It was hope that I’ve discovered in the moment of the most desperation and suffering. It was a task that I began to accomplish every day. I have to do this, find the strength and let it run. I felt it, I fund it in myself! It is in me! The hope was poor, but palpable. I lift it to the surface. And it will do the rest!

It is in you – your power. Capture it and use it to heal you!

About ewada2012

Passionate scientist searching for answers for health and human activity. Many years I have been involved in medicine. After almost 25 years I found a system of psychosynthesis which permitted me to find the deep core of my health problems derived from early childhood experiences. In next years I learned a lot of methods and techniques which I used to heal myself and decode my problems. I started to teach, write educational materials (Self-education and "health education" programs) and books, created Association "Education for the Future" (1997-2003) and later Institute of Psychosynthesis. Centre of Supporting Human Development. I am the authoress of 33 books and 120 scientific articles concerning health education and self-education, also decode and heal auto-immunoagression disorders. I am writing also poems and fairly tales.

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  1. Interesting, very interesting. When I am in pain, it is hard for me to go any place but the pain. Do you have any other blogs talking more about this?

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