What role has played a Wise woman in your life?


Wise Woman Archetype is responsible for ignorance / subconscious. My experience focused me on continually crises and crossing of depression (without medication) to overcome them in many areas of life. As a result, I could cope with them, understand their profound meaning. I became a competent person, because I based on me, without the help of others.

My wisdom comes just to be aware of me, my Wise Woman and the use of her tips by learning how to access it. My job is to constantly search, expanding ability to read asking the question and listen the answers, coming from me.

Where is your Wise Woman in you? Did you search her? Did you find her and listen her advice?

Do you want to know how to do it? Knowing your inner wisdom?

About ewada2012

Passionate scientist searching for answers for health and human activity. Many years I have been involved in medicine. After almost 25 years I found a system of psychosynthesis which permitted me to find the deep core of my health problems derived from early childhood experiences. In next years I learned a lot of methods and techniques which I used to heal myself and decode my problems. I started to teach, write educational materials (Self-education and "health education" programs) and books, created Association "Education for the Future" (1997-2003) and later Institute of Psychosynthesis. Centre of Supporting Human Development. I am the authoress of 33 books and 120 scientific articles concerning health education and self-education, also decode and heal auto-immunoagression disorders. I am writing also poems and fairly tales.

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