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What do you want to know more?

This is what I wrote in the previous posts over nearly a year, applied to my life experiences and the lessons that I have learned. I regret that I was never taught in school, or at any stage of learning how to deal with emotions, stress, child problems that are too severe for him to bear. I had to learn from life, as well as from myself, where to find the strength to cope. And that I did.

Now I show it to others, how to deal with problems, pain, fatigue, also with a sense of self-worth, which was buried in me. I have it I found.

So I encourage those who are willing to do something for yourself , to contact me. I can show you the way in you, how can you help yourself.

Be ready, believe in yourself. Everything is within you. Just reach out and use it. Do it! Contact me. I’m waiting to help you.

Christmas gift – a new award: DRAGON’S LOYALTY AWARD


I discovered yesterday another award, which was waiting for me a long time. My great responder, Kerry, who awarded me this award , informed me almost month ago, but I have not noticed it among the hundreds of e-mails that I get every day. Just browse through them yesterday, it allowed me to discover it and react.


Dragon’s Loyalty Award is given to someone who follows the blog and comments regularly.

There are rules to the award.  They are as follows:

1.  Display the award on your site

2. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your acceptance post

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and notify them they received the award

4. List seven interesting things about yourself.

So I nominated only few bloggers, because I have only few loyal responders.

Hereby is the list of interesting things about myself:

  1. I am retired, have two adult children (daughter and son) and have 4 grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy: 11,7,5years old,9 months)
  2. I am passionate writer since almost 16 years and wrote 26 books (including 14 self-guides) and 150 scientific articles concerning holistic approach towards health, pedagogy, new model of education and new sciences.
  3. In 1997 I founded Association Education for the Future and leaded my author’s programs (workshops) titled Education to health in the family, school and in the world for children, teachers and parents (8 years)
  4. In 2004 I created Institute of Psychosynthesis in Warsaw (Centre of Sustainable Human Development) and am leading transformational coaching (health, life) sessions and open lectures for people who are devoted to their health improvement (Health regeneration)
  5. My life led me to discover secrets of human functioning and health patterns which I introduced to my personal life, decoding my health problems started in early childhood, deepening knowledge and researches in medicine over 25 years and later in many sciences (including quantum physics), bringing psycho-synthesis of life experience as a core of being. I use my life wisdom to help people to find their meaning of life, health/disease sense.
  6. I love to be with myself, be me, nature, silence, beauty..
  7. I am writing poems (love lyrics) and fairly tales also.

Merry Christmas

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I got The WordPress Family Award

Two days ago, my dear reader, Jenny has rewarded me with new award.

I am very pleased with this award, because my fundamental principle, drawn from Psychosynthesis is: we are one big human family.” That’s why building this large family, we can start with small steps, even the great family of bloggers. Already I feel joy in this wonderful family sharing their life experience.

I would like to share my GRATITUDE” to the creator of this award Shaun from the blog “Looking for reasoning to a complicated world “(“!!


Receiving this award from Jenny I have great opportunity to open it and be aquintant with Shaun interesting blog.

According to Shaun, these are the rules to receiving this beautiful award:


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love.”

So I am doing it just now. Here they are:











Congratulation to all the nominees!!!

Fear of yourself. Can I? Did I make it?

What I want to be? Who would like to become? Do you want to be really healthy?

It’s your choice what you want to become what is your program for life, or do you have a program of recovery?

When I realized that it was up to me to be healthy or sick, I decided to take responsibility for my health into my own hands. It’s hard because there were heard in me constantly old programs, such as you can not handle, and what if I do not listen to the doctor, and do not take prescribed medication. On the other hand it came reflections: but that you know yourself the best, you’re tracking whether these drugs that the doctor prescribed work or not, you know better than him what makes you feel better or worse every day, regardless of the use of drugs.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you finally believe in a higher power, what / who I thought, I believe? or been taught to believe? Do you really believe? Or is it an illusion?

So, here we are confronted with one hand with our atavistic fears, the other of our beliefs that prove to be a soap bubble.

Are we likely to tell to what applies to others and not to us, the suggestions that have nothing to do with us, with our state of health, with what we really going to help? Do your own ignorance justifies manipulation by others? Who do I believe -myself, God, and those who believe that it helps everyone – even when I’m in that do not fit me, when clearly observe that what I get, It is not help but harm for years? Am I aware of myself, if I believe in theories that attempt to convince me?

Of course, first I have to be aware of myself, and then to distinguish the grain and chaff, what is real and what is manipulation. Much of what is recommended, and may be helpful for me, but the problem lies in the fact that this is my decision nobody’s decision not suggested. I have to distinguish what is a pure transmission, and a suggested solution. Look at yourself. whether you are susceptible to suggestion? If so, you first need to work on. Otherwise, you will still fall into someone’s trap.

We live in a world of manipulation. Retailers around us need to sell goods, inventing ways to do it. The resulting of it is whole branch of marketing, also based on manipulation techniques drawn from psychology. You must distinguish, and above all know your destination, where you’re going, what you want to achieve and trust yourself. You have to trust as this / who you really believe – if you believe in?

You are the most important, not the product, brand, or, finally, the one who prescribed you something and you do not see results for years. First you have to know yourself and observe your behavior and habits that cause disease or eliminate it.

You have to start with yourself.

Your illness and health are about you, not about anyone or anything else.

Your old patterns of behavior are your enemy and destroy your body

Which patterns of behavior are beneficial to you?

Working with the inner child shows harmful patterns that need to be replaced. Indeed, they are not conducive to development and to thy health, and on the contrary, they bring the victim syndrome, a sense of low value and lack of dignity that attract (like a magnet) similar relationships. Thus it weaken the immune system, giving the circuit of neurotransmitters bringing fear and helplessness. It is these patterns change in order not to repeat them again.
Since then, you become your own director of your performance. You write the script behaviors that bring health and happiness into your life.

Change is not easy, because it requires parting with the old habitual behaviors. This often requires separation from known own behaviors, even a sense of sacrifice and a beggar for love. It can be painful, because these behaviors were rooted in us over the years. We wanted to raise them the compassion of others. Unfortunately, other people were not sensitive to these behaviors, but they have brought us more harm than good.

Likewise, it may be with the people around us who have become accustomed to hurt us because we got used to it take for us, pull like a magnet. It is a typical syndrome of victimperpetrators. Since then, they may not be in our company, because we need to be healthy, to return to health, by changing behavior.

We can not change anyone. We can only change ourselves and get in control. We need to change the old, ingrained in us breaking patterns of behavior with new behavior, bringing health. It can hurt, because it is parting and like every good-bye hurt.

What pain is better for you?
Pain, abandonment of old beliefs that notoriously hurt, causing the unconscious destruction of the body?
Constant pain accompanying those coming from your behavior that you repeat and sow havoc in itself, not seeing that you do the same?
The first type of separation will bring you the apparent transformation of your life. You will usher in a new life, a new birth of you, new chapter, new patterns of behavior and relationships.
The second pain will never leave you, because you hold tightly to old patterns and relationships, presenting the illusion that you recover, being in the same situations.

You probably think it will help you with something outside, one’s a method that would work a miracle in your life.

That you have to decide. That you have to start the process of change. No one will do for you! You have to give up the illusion and start to change yourself!

Your inner child is the center of your existence

Today, a little more about the inner child. Many people deny its existence, especially suffering from stress or autoimmunoagressive diseases. They refuse to acknowledge that they are the cause of their health problems, extending years of pain and suffering. They depreciate the most vital part of they history, which must be healed, because it never release themselves. Looking for half-measures, they believe in miracles such as chiropractic or mattress that will free them from not only a bad dreams, but also to release the body from the wounds and suffering that bears over the years. Inner child, especially wounded child must be found, and the pain of existence released. Real healthy baby is  joyful, happy, full of ideas, and has to be supported by his loving parents. Child deprived of love fades like a flower (and this is the cause of chronic pain and fatigue), growing over the years.

Working with the inner child, both my small Eve and small children in the other, I have experienced many times the joy of meetings, as well as the inner wisdom that resides in them, found out and cries out for attention. Imagine how you would be if your childhood was full of love and support. How would be your present, if it is allowed you learn what you want to study, supported your talents and gifts that you have, if finally you perform a job you love. It’s all about promoting the harmonious development of the child! It’s all about education for the future, to then not have to use therapy!

Read more in my book titled OVERCOMING FIBROMYALGIA.

Working with the inner child

It is inevitable that a little girl or a little boy are present constantly in our lives in our midst and screams for attention in various situations. Most of us do not realize that children’s fears and emotions they have not gone anywhere, but are deeply buried, resulting in consistently the same reactions in adult life. Internal child must be identified, understood and taken care of, and be loved, otherwise our adult relationships (especially with our partners) will resemble the motherchild or the father-child relationship, in which we – the adults will be constantly child who asks to meet his children’s needs.

In my work with clients repeatedly coming out on top of the issues involving the child’s behavior, which is an adult. You need to realize this and change it. Working with the inner child, with especially abused child requires patience, dedication, and above all, attention and fall in love with each other.  When you do it, he gave you the most wonderful favor, you will recover the child within you, which you‘d like to be: sensitive, free, spontaneous, full of ideas, imagination and joy.

Thanks to regain an important part of you, the part that you need the most to build a healthy here and now and a healthy future, based on healthy relationships with yourself and others.

When I first started working with my little girl, there were very surprising meetings, often bringing tears of regret. I met her often hidden in the basement (my basement) and it was difficult to extract her from there. I had to use different ways to get her to go outside in the sun or flowery meadow. She was like a mouse, hidden in a hole in front of her hunting cat. This time I was inspired to work with inner child by a book which I red some years ago and which I came across again, titled Guild is the teacher, love is the lesson by Joan Borysenko. Something drove me to start doing it, namely do each exercice one by one. From the very beginning I had a feeling that I was starting to build or perhaps find inner relations with me, which are the origin of every relationship with others. This is how the title of the book came to life: STRENGHTENING OF BONDS.

 As it soon turns out, my dialogues with a child, little Eve, are not just a way of solving her little dilemmas, searching for love and safety by a grown-up Eve, but also answers to my personal adult questions which I ask myself at present. They are pieces of advice, sometimes very wise, from little Eve for the adult one. That is why each part is entitled ‘advice’.

The act of healing the childhood period, unblocking traumas accompanying it releases creativity and spontaneity which were stifled in a little girl and helps to make use of them in life.

If you are interested in this book, you can get it from my website using Contact Form by sharing your comments on it. You can get NEWSLETTER from it also.

Your mind will be defended and put off, full of concern

Why applied by me therapies were effective? Why do most treatments are ineffective?

My life over the years were full of pain and suffering. I could not remember anything else. Treatment, which was used on me was ineffective. Do not healed of any disease, just try to eliminate the symptoms, which recurred when medication ceased to operate.
I was that tired, frustrated and needed a change. I could not live with it. Somewhere deep inside me, something told me that it could be otherwise. For a long time I resisted. My mind always trust others: doctors, medications, not myself. I was not good enough: I had this pattern. I constantly believed that another specialist would work a miracle and set me free from the disease forever. Unfortunately it did not happen. Over the years, all the symptoms returned and even intensified with the passage of time, place and even change, providing multi-organ effects throughout the body. I had to do something about it. I had a passion for researcherexplorers. I was a perfectionist, as I wrote before. I was achiever, striving forward to know more. I was determined, a had a goal. Conditions were favorable for a positive effect. I really wanted this and I had to have it. For these reasons, constantly I looked for new ways and opportunities. When the partial success obtained by using a single technique, I was looking for, and been using a new one to improve what they have achieved. I have done the achievement and learning my way of life. That’s why it was so effective.
I began to sew and lives so far. My constant question is: what can I do today to improve my condition to make you feel better?

My observer is always on. He signaled me to my inner state, and my conscious self make sure to immediately turn to support my well-being. I want, need and, I have to live like this. That is my goal, my sense to feel better every day. It is a state of mind.

Is it always so? It was different. The mind can bring doubt, justify, rationalize, is concerned. It is constantly excuse to hinder the action, which is new, which threatens the status quo. It‘s a weapon. Old fears prevail, come to the surface. Old people’s programs swich on immediately to prevent the unknown, a new adventure, new puzzle to solve.

The mind prefers the old, well-known programs, even as they do not help the body, but it is easy and simple to do. He will sometimes do nothing than something I do not know.

That’s why most people are not successful. They are not determined. They listen to the whispers of the old programs, fears of their own. They’re reluctant, they want to do something, but tomorrow – not today. When tomorrow comes, postpone it for another day and do not do anything, finally, to change anything. They have no will to change. They prefer to trust others, even when it is not dizła years.

I give you here one example, A few years ago, my cousin told me that she was going for heart surgery because she has high blood pressure. I advised her to think about the decision, because she lived with the symptoms for many years (to 78 years). But two weeks later she called me from the hospital, that it was waiting for surgery. Then a long time I could not reach her. When I finally succeeded after eight months, she told of me the whole story: The surgical action caused a heart attack that she survived by miracle, and then another surgery and the insertion of a pacemaker (heart starter). She is now believed that she became invalid, crippled by medicine.

Whether the operation was necessary, since the body has caused such a reaction? Absolutely not, because it created the loop to stop excessive blood pressure, and yet doctors cut a loop near the heart, causing a heart attack. None of the doctors thought it was to protect the heart against excessive pressure. This pressure hit the heart immediately, when they cut loop, causing a heart attack. Another operation resulted in insertion of a pacemaker.

If you want to be wise after the event? You will not survive!

If you do not want to help yourself – no one will help you and may even harm you (as in this case). If you want to be healthy, you will to get better every day and do everything to achieve it.

You can find more about my 25 books on my websites:


Since you know that your way of thinking and reacting is possible to control, you can begin to manage it in a conscious way. for your own good. Old patterns will no longer have power over you. That you take the wheel of your ship, and in fact you can regain power over yourself. Targeting them is a fundamental principle that will from that moment your top priority in your life. From now you are the boss of your inner world, your life performance. You would not allow anyone to write the scenarios and cast the roles. Your actors play after your item, based on your scenario, realize your talents and gifts. You can bring them with them, allowing them to become stars. You do not allow any foreign director to write scripts for you. You are the director of your performances and writing the script for your life.

A few years ago I consulted a client using Skype, because she lived far away from me. It was a difficult job, because she believed that everything in her life so far been successful, especially her childhood. She did not want to move this issue, because in her mind, her parents were great and still are like that for her, even though she has now grown children.

We were looking for different options to find solutions and reasons for her pain throughout the body. Her therapist said that actually health no longer exists in her body, everything is sick. One of the techniques that I applied was the inner theater procedure. We watched the stage, the audience, as like as the director’s chair. All this is essential to understand what is happening on stage: who ruled on it, or one of the actors demolishing the scene, believing that this is the only actor to play, or maybe someone else a usurper, took his place on the stage and tries to subdue all actors. Because she wanted to hear more and discuss, or even to defend their status quo, it was usually not enough time to do exercises during the session. I asked her to complete it as homework and discuss the results next time. The same thing we did with the director’s chair and finding the same director.

I was not surprised the next time she found out the parents on the stage of life, even though she was already in a second marriage, and children from the first were adults. Of course the director’s chair, which was raw and simple sat the mother of my client. There were also the attributes of her mother on the scene they reflect the tastes of the mother. It was a big step for my client, very shocking, because she realized that playing someone else’s art, and her body screaming for her attention.

 She has no courage to confront herself with her truth. She asked me for break with our work.

Do you have courage to be healthy?

Do you want to be confronted with your truth?

You can read many of my books in Polish language, which you can find on

Remember, you are no longer a victim of circumstances

Decoding your habits is a difficult task. Living for years in syndrome of victim freed this habit, and every life situation reminds it constantly. It must be constantly monitored, before there is action that copies the pattern. Therefore, to produce in yourself an observer is so fundamental. Without an observer you can not change anything, and the victim is still a sign of your cheating nature, and yet your true nature is buried deep within you.

So remember, you are not a victim of your life, but circumstances and paople have caused the conditions that constantly haunt you and provokes specific responses of being a victim. But you need not to be a victim. You can develop an healthy habits that will allow you to function healthily, creating healthy relationships with people.

I wrote before and I will repeat continuously, creating healthy habits is associated with healthy functioning of the entire body, healthy reactions that create harmony in the body, and thus regulate the biochemical metabolism.

Such processes as watching yourself, identify destructive patterns of behavior, forgive yourself and others, they release the balast in the body, free, havy energy of blaming, resentment, or anger. There is a need to replace them with patterns of unconditional love for yourself and others. Repeating (what I do constantly in this blog) is, as posted by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis in the laws of psychodynamics (Laws of psychoenergetics) as nailing a nail with a hammer. The more you repeat the process, the more the nail enters the ground, reinforcing in it. So it is with the retention of new models – no one and nothing can not be removed or changed without your consciousness and will.

Only your decision and will be a key here.

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