Orphan-child pattern and the consequences to your life over years

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The energies of this archetype were more anticipated than conscious. When I came across the description, and then work on the archetype in me, I realized how much I duplicate the pattern of life for years. Orphan –child is responsible for the profession and health, and has a major impact on it. My child – orphan caused orphan-disease, which I was not conscious of it, like the relationships with people that I felt as loneliness. I understood its enormous holding strength over me and how much I became competent in the interpretation of this archetype.

After years of life I understood the wisdom gleaned from this lesson. I realized the impact on quality of life and health. Thus, my current profession has become a healing, recovery of health, because it – childorphan was the reason for my health problems since childhood. My basic fear of the children was mainly the one that nobody loves me, that my health problems related to loneliness, so the circumstances of outbreaks of disease orphan. I also understand my unconscious habits of swaying forward and backward, when often sat alone. It was rocking” of the child, rocking him to soothe his pain and suffering, but over the years I totally did not notice that either, or did not understand.

My challenge now is taking care of her, that the child was not lonely anymore. I embed her in the main core of my work life as a foundation from which it grows the tree of life”. Thus, I also had to create a harmony between work and health. This archetype determines how to interpret the possibilities in life, and be binding with finances. The main goal in my harmony in my life since then was to become care giver of my orphan-child, as all the resources within me arise from the care, reap from this care.

Dig deeper – meet your inner signs


In the book titled ‘ Sacred Contracts” by  Caroline Myss I came for the  first time into contact with in-depth learning about myself at the level of archetypes. Many people do not understand the existence of these energies, as well as our connections with the cosmos. It depreciates or even ridiculed this approach, rather than first learn if it is worthy to reject or accept. They prefer to draw their opinions from others and not themselves.

For many years of my life I was hungry for knowledge of man, and especially about myself, the most reliable source, so I treated this book as a personal tutorial for  not yet discovered the secrets of my life and the mysteries of existence in general, and first of all to search destructive forces existing in man, which lead to the destruction of yourself or the world ( I wrote already about it in this blog on the occasion of Alice Miller) . This happens because we do not understand or are not taught how to unlock it to search of what is happening in our lives on a deep level. Indeed, we could solve many internal conflicts, rather than lead to self-destruction for years or hurting others.

Going back to that book, I discovered in myself the archetype of the Destroyer. He is responsible for self-expression and relationships with siblings. I had  so much to look at, recalling previously described the relationship with my mother and father, and like as my brother. From my childhood I remembered the inability to express myself, choking everything that arose in me, because my life circumstances. I remembered all my experience from this period and the inability to hear myself as I talk to my mother or brother. This led to my subsequent relationships with others in adulthood, due to the lack of voice which was not heard in my home.

When I focused then on the strength of this archetype, I realized how incredibly destructive it was because I needed the most power to get through with what I have to say, both already in my adult life, in the family home (when I usually drowned out by the mother, preferring to hear about the successes of my brother, who had heard to date, but I have not had an opportunity to tell anything about myself, even when I saw her once a week or two times in a month ) as well as in my professional work. Looking at the power of the force inherent in me, I realized, moreover, that due to choking her with me, so that I could express anything, it caused me a lot of wounds, manifested in the stomach and heart. These wounds of the stomach were clearly described in studies gastroscopy as a statement: Ecchymosis at the mucosal surface. Meanwhile, when I breathed deeply and I felt clearly pricking in my heart.

Which lesson did I learn from this experience? I know now, instead of destroying myself, I can use this power to express myself in the most optimal manner for me. That’s what made ​​me realize after many years that the best ( the least hurting me) is writing about it in my many articles or books) , and then by conducting workshops in small groups, where I had the opportunity, by asking questions and conducting visualization I can then share with participants my experience in this regard. I gave myself the same opportunity, regardless of the possibility of expressing this in the family (in fact never existed as a healhy, supporting group) to direct this energy to the outside. I realized that stopping power and not expressing it through the years causing damage in myself (self-destruction) , which caused indeed evident consequences in my life. The doctors in my childhood could not find the specific symptoms of any disease, and some even suggested the existence of functional symptoms, and these just cause over the years the effects of psychological damages in the physical body as mentioned above, even the bloody bruising in the stomach.
My deep work with archetypes, especially the archetype of the Destroyer, brought me to realize their own life motivated me to strengthen, rather than weaken and destroy myself. I realized that I could use the force that has been accumulated in me over the years. to destroy blockages caused me to express myself, my limitations in dealing with others and to express what I feel in the outside world. Thus, I took a step toward the road back to health.

Are you a designer of your life ?


Even the few episodes I’ll continue this thread about the archetypal energy of life, because they have proved to be particularly suited to what happened and continues to happen in my life for many years.

Another archetype, which I found in my life is an engineer / designer . He is responsible for marriage and relationships. After further reflection, I realized that I can design anything, what I want to occur in my life. Looking from the perspective, I realized that for many years of my life it was constantly present some other designer, especially those from outside. They have designed my life, through their influence, which proved to be not always good for me. Similarly it happened in building relationships. They like themselves going on, with little of my personal influence, or at least one that was determined by patterns drawn from childhood and school education. I realized its enormous strength, but at the same time it brought me grief for the lost time when it is based onother people’spatterns and implanted fears, I made my life as a kind of existence in a constant treadmill of dos and don’ts, as well as limitations. There was no creativity in it ‘s own (at least for many years), but rather copywriting, reproduction patterns that I passed.

My life’s lessons, which pulled out of this overview is mainly that I have an impact on building anything that concerns myself and what I’m doing and why. I also noticed my presence in the cast of the planner, contractor, but most of all creators. I mainly watch his motives, intentions, way of thinking and reacting and constantly revise them to not allow the disclosure of negative thoughts and patterns that belittle my value as a person and artist, engineer of my life. I have to take care of a healthy self, and it will create healthy patterns, and most of all have a positive impact on my life in all its spheres.

Do you have an active engineer? Does he have an impact on what you‘re designing, or play other people’s projects?

Today, I see the light


I was dedicated a few years ago to know more about the different approach to the deeper level of human being. I felt I have to know more to heal myself in a deepest level. Once I have found the book of Carolyne Myss “Anatomy of The Spirit” and later “Sacred Contracts” by the same author. It was very excited to me, especially working with my cast of archetypal life’ energy and understand more my way through life. It needed from me a lot of deep reflections what was the meaning of my life experiences. In next few chapters I will bring some wisdom from this approach concerning my life experiences.

One of the archetypes I found was a visionary. He is responsible for the house, building a house for the soul. Immediately when I think about him, it reminded me of the welfare, happiness, joy, health , in psychosynthesis – an ideal model. I saw clearly what is good for me, the best appropriate for me. I believed that it is possible that this is the one where I’m going. This reflects the positive final.

Shifting to my life experience: I was still looking for a house, at the beginning, searching of the father, because my home was incomplete (as you remember from the beginning of this blog, my father was imprisonned as a political prisoneer when I was two years old. Living in constant fear, my family, and especially me, found still some shortcomings, darkness, and basically dark vision of our existence. In my interpersonal relationships were also the same shortcomings or terminated bonds, sometimes patterns of improperties.
When I became aware of the power of this archetype, I paid attention to his incredible power, because for me the house was the epitome of HOME, so everything that brings man full welfare. My lack of a true home, the father, the right relationships, interpersonal ties, pushed me to seek continually ways to gain them. I stood in this  very competent, working day by day searching after that.

Reflecting on the lessons of life and the wisdom that I received, I realized that  I have to clearly see the purpose of any event in my life, have the strength to cultivate it in myself! I realized that when I will base on my strength, I get everything, everything will be fulfilled. I will have possibilities to publish my books, find the people who want to read them and appreciate the value of them for themselves!

My weakness in that moment was childish patterns – dark vision, constant psychological depression (darkness – dark seeing!), so I had to work to change the pattern. I discovered in myself many talents and values ​​in the form of bliss, joy, happiness, contentment, laughter, and above all health. So I found then I have to constantly change the negative into a positive!

My questions this time were as follows: Is there my home real? Where is my happy home?

I realized that I had to dig the foundations of my positive feelings, because expressing myself in this way must have its HOME in me. My task is to clean the unfinished business of childhood and create a healthy home. Healing own history is a breeding ground for healthy HOME and family. When there is darkness, there is no vision. When you begin to see the brightness, you can light up any space.

What do you brighten today?

Flowing with the flow of life



Much is said about living in the moment, or the “here” and “now”. Few people, however, are controlled it, and even fewer carries. Yes, at any time, a person automatically responds by their emotional patterns from the past or anticipates for himself and others with coded inner fear about the future.


Living in the now is just something completely different. It is conscious living in any particular moment of life and making choices of thoughts and emotions. We are not able to stop what is happenning in nature in every day, but we have an influence on their own reactions and ways of thinking. Being in the flow of life – means conscious choices of own reaction to the circumstances and being in the flow. Instead of resistance (which the body is feeling distinctly in its cells) we have to take the position of the wave and allow yourself to be than react.

New Year – New Challenges



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A few years ago I learned to plan a year, put yourself the specific goals. I noticed that not only it is important to articulate, but also for more clarification, what I want to get and when it takes place. Such specific clarification is pointing the way to its fulfillment, and the term the ability to divide it into smaller steps which are possible to achieve. For example, if my goal is to streamline some operations in a specific time, it will be easier for me to do when I share the road into smaller pieces. This could be months, and weeks, which can also be divided into the following days. I’ll get in this way the entire plan for the year, which I can enter in my calendar. This will be my plan for the New Year, which I will watch to realize it.

Good luck in planning your year. ‘

Summary of the Year


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Today I give myself and you time to take stock of the year. It is the last day, and so the last moment to do something for yourself and begin a New year. With what you enter in the New Year?

I do this summary every year, so I can watch up to date results.

I wish you prosperity in the summary.

The Balance of the Profit and Loss Account – More about what You’re missing

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Reading constantly a lot remarks of the persons who suffer from fibromyalgia and other symptoms manifested by fatigue and pain in various parts of the body, I noticed a pattern. These people, constantly looking for something new, something different, something that will bring them a magic pill that will heal their ailments. They do not see that all powers lie in them and it depends on them to be healthy or ill, to understand its roots and decode their reasons.

Recently I found a link to the groups which will be open up to the possibility of learning from volunteers, suffering from fibromyalgia, who will talk about successes in improving their quality of life, even though they are still coping with the disease. I found this manner as an excellent way for the creation of support groups and sharing their experiences. This particular program that there is some entry fee, but subsequent weekly or monthly meetings on-line are already without charge.

I am writing from my point of view, the person (medical researcher too) who heal fibromyalgia and decoded many other health problems. ALMOST EVERY DAY I share both WHAT CAUSED me problems, as well as (more or less two months of daily writing  as a volunteer, without any new programs, entry fee, etc. )  HOW TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE every day, making more and more better quality of life of sufferers.

My questions are as follows: Is being a reader of this or other blogs – YOU USE what you already occurred, got it into your life every day, or  you only scan each section or you read it superficially, postponed it, with the conviction that this is not for you, and you ‘re waiting for something different, grander, something that WILL GIVE YOU A SOLUTION that will heal your problem immediately? DO YOU USE what is described and PRACTICED in life and at work, ot REJECTED IT, WAITING FOR SOMETHING ELSE? DO YOU RESPECT what you ALREADY occurred, have already been completed, or waiting for the next course, a person who will bring you something different ?

Watching the materials to the underlying course – each council is valuable, but when it is applied comprehensively to something else, and especially YOUR INNER WORK  to understand the problem that caused your symptoms. There is no copy, no tracing, one recipe, one secret that someone will betray you. You have to look for THE SECRET TO YOURSELF AND THERE LIES YOUR SOLUTIONS! Do not wait for the next course, Do it NOW!

Every day, for so many months I am getting you my signposts. ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING what is written there? Remember that this is a PROCESS, not a magic pill that works instantly. STICK TO ONE THING, but DO IT , enter into force, and do not jump from flower to flower !

DID YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE with what you already have, which is written, which came ALREADY every day, giving you tips what you do NOW ?

If YES , you are on your way to SUCCESS !

If NOYOU WASTED another chance and you are waiting for another miracle, that can not happen, because you’re wasting chance when it appears …

The PROPER TIME IS NOW, every day, not tomorrow, sometime, for three weeks …. never !



What was sown this year, will grow in the future


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Looking back over the year, it is worthwhile, as in the case of financial settlements do balance and summary. When I was driving alone the financial books of my company, I always had to enter bills on a regular basis, preferably every day, and then summarize each month to deal with their tax burden. This was also done throughout the year and full-year balance of the profit and loss account. Then I knew exactly where I stand, what I pay what I lost, and it gave me a starting point for the next year.

Absolutely the same thing I suggest to everyday life. Do not avoid confrontation at every level of existence, if we do not do summaries and adjustments. Just some living space, which is not adjusted on an ongoing basis – will decay and collapse. It would seem that the problem can occur suddenly, while it matures and grows slowly, not noticed, and if it is observed , in every moment of your life, you are able to influence it and deal with it, if it is proper time for doing it.

So let’s summarize the year at the end of it, let’s see your profit and loss account. Then you realize that the only positive approach gives positive solutions and results. So once you sow is what you reap that grew as you expect it.

Life is the new constant growth



Your past is gone, your future not exist. It is important today, and what you create with thoughts, emotions and images that you create in the mind. When you decide to live in a new way, your thoughts and images of the disease are to be replaced with images of health. You have to create them constantly, to enrich day with new elements, so as to build a house in which you want to live. In fact, you do it. Being spiritual nature in the body, your body is the home for the soul. Do you want to live in a rotten, sick house? Your soul is more than your body. She calls out to you, cries out for attention. She feels and shows you the way. She needs continue to grow. Stay in touch with her, follow her cry. She knows where you are going, what she wants to learn and what to understand by your life, your daily experience. Let her guide you every day.

What do you improve ? What do you understand now ? Why do you experience today? You deserve everything – on health, well-being, joy of life.

Dig deeper, while reaching above, embracing more, create a new quality of life for yourself. If you do not know how to do it, ask questions . Who asks – do not wander. Feel yourself, improve your state.

You create yourself every day. You create QUALITY of your new life.

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