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Today is the last Archetype


What I am describing are my archetypes. You may have a different constellation, depending on what happened in your life. This work, which I made with archetypes in myself, I desire to inspire you to do a similar review in you. You will understand more your life: where you come from, where you are and where you’re going ?

My last archetype, who I watched in depth is the Alchemist . He is responsible for the resources of other people. My direct association concerned with the fact that I can process the resources of other people for my own and their good.

Looking from the perspective of my life, based on my patterns, taken from my parents and school education – I paid attention, I never tried to do it, not knowning I could use the resources of others. This was difficult experience, but it showed me that I did not only resist to trust others, and that I can include them to my mutual success, showing them a broader perspective, it is important not only for me but also for them. It made ​​me realize that relationships can melt the gold and this has just used the Alchemist. So I discovered the tremendous forces inherent in this archetype. I passed also realized how difficult it was to me over the years to convince anyone to do anything for himself (for his health), showing him the various methods and means, and in the meantime he did not want to use it, look for somewhere else, did not want to take away anything from me. I noticed this huge holding strength lying in the difficulties of belief system of anyone, and at the same time constantly lying dormant in me to do it – look for other ways to transform them – for their own good.

In my life lessons I learned a great wisdom that human has as the resources which can be processed into gold. Just being aware of them, lead them where they are hidden in them, then they do with their real use. I discovered in myself the resources and talent to do this, involving the determination, the ability to create new quality, the use of the resources of others to show them how they can use them for the common good.

Thus, I constantly defeated my fears about people, my and their lack of trust, friendship, kindness. Also I overcame my depression, loneliness, lack of love, health problems affecting the heart and stomach (love in my heart, digestion –as a lack in the relationships). I learned in the meantime  how to recover my immunity system (the possibility of immune system running at deep levels of myself), thus improving it to recover its strength, and regeneration of the body, all of my health problems. I taught also observing any positive change in people and in me, which appear in connection with the archetype and its home.

Looking from a deep perspective of the archetype, I realized also that he in regulating all aspects related to financial, legal, inheritance, the strength and courage of self-reliance. I realized how important is loyalty to myself, like loving myself . This archetype is also known as a creative magician, because it starts the ability to cope with the money, the processing of problematic relationships in gold.

Do you have your Magician, Alchemist? Is there present in you, helping to recover your problems with relationships?

Where is your Teacher ?


Watching another archetype that has played and continues to play an important role in my life, I found a Teacher. She is responsible for the spiritual development, spiritual dimension of me. Direct association that came to my mind corresponded to being a champion in any field . For many years, I was confronted with my role as a teacher, being a university teacher educator and then leading educational programs conducted by the Association “Education for the Future” , which I created in 1997. And again, I found great strength of this archetype, which constantly revealed in me, and simultaneously honed to perfection – to become a champion in the area that I explore concerning HEALTH in all its dimensions. I understood that explored primarily myself, my functioning, attributes, health and human development, thus  I have reached through the physical to the spiritual dimension. Again, I noticed her enormous strength, constant improvement, investing in myself, to be even more. I became competent, I became an authority, and especially for myself and what I used to improve my health. I do not have anyone to ask – I just KNOW from inside, using all my skills which I discovered and improved through years, aptitudes and mental functions that run for years, expanding them to perfection. So for example, my most important guideline is intuition. I ask myself and I receive an answer. My lesson from life has become following this maxim: ” practice makes perfect you” . Yes, constantly feeding myself to perfection does what athletes reach – they beat new records – which are continually crossing their borders, farther and deeper … to perfection … and even further.

I discovered important features in me: the determination and courage. Over the years I watched people who pledged to deal with spiritual development, but as soon as anything happened in their lives – even flimsy runny nose or cold – immediately they ran with it to the doctor. Is it applies to their faith? Do they believe in themselves, in their power, in their spiritual calling and leadership ? Absolutely not, they believed in magic pills, other people’s advice, and not in what concerns themselves and their communication with their higher nature, the cosmos, God …
When I’m in the dark, I do not know the way, I do not trust myself or a higher power in me. When I trust myself, I trust in my abilities, talents, higher power . I am an Authority. I am the Author of my life, health, anything what I am doing, believing in myself, the Teacher for me.

Are you an Authority, a Teacher, a Master of yourself? Do you believe in YOU? Or maybe you just think that you believe ? What is faith in yourself ? What is its meaning?

What role has played a Wise woman in your life?


Wise Woman Archetype is responsible for ignorance / subconscious. My experience focused me on continually crises and crossing of depression (without medication) to overcome them in many areas of life. As a result, I could cope with them, understand their profound meaning. I became a competent person, because I based on me, without the help of others.

My wisdom comes just to be aware of me, my Wise Woman and the use of her tips by learning how to access it. My job is to constantly search, expanding ability to read asking the question and listen the answers, coming from me.

Where is your Wise Woman in you? Did you search her? Did you find her and listen her advice?

Do you want to know how to do it? Knowing your inner wisdom?

As the Author / Director of your art is present, or went on vacation, and your role of the Author, took usurper ?


Today I continue the subject of archetypal life energy. This is my next pattern.

The Author presents a view of the world, of what is shown to you in the course of education at home and schooling. If you were filled with fear, instilled fear for survival, fighting for survival or money, you constantly have to do this, reflecting as in a mirror your’s received, pressed into your patterns.

It was just my way – the way I walked, realizing given to me in childhood patterns of fear.
My direct association with this pattern related to the conclusion after years that I am the author of what surrounds me. Meanwhile, my life was a typical inverted mirror: this world has an influence on me, and I can not do anything about it. My relationships with others, (I wrote about it in my previous models) showed me that I have to constantly adapt myself, deny myself, to be finally the program of the others, not me! I discovered enormous power inherent in this pattern of life energy, which over the years did’nt permit me to take a step forward, to see it all in my own mirror and start to change that.

We have to come to this point in life, when we come to the bottom or wall, from which the only way is reflecting in the opposite direction. And then it is just beginning to change for the better ! Otherwise we do not want to understand, we put everything on later, tomorrow, we put in the hands of others, read something, but we do not understand, we do not refer to ourselves, to our inner power!

So I had to repeatedly reach the bottom, wait crises on all fronts to begin to change my life.

With the lessons of life and wisdom from it I now know that I can alone create a world in which I would like to live. I discovered my talents of writing, which has been simmering in me from youth age, but only 15 years ago I started to have the full benefit from it. I have incredible insights, the sensitivity of the body and as soon as anything happens to it, I immediately proceed it to make an overview and understanding of this matter. I understood that the role of the author is to take matters into his own hands, creating opportunities, opening them, follow them.

How is your life? Do you know the answer to the question posed in the title ?

A Pioneer and Innovator



Reading, then working a few years ago with a book “Anathomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, I discovered among my archetypal energy a Pioneer / Innovator. He is responsible for balancing the personality, to grow below ego and return home. When I looked at my life through the years, I realized continuously pioneering activities, strengthen me as a person.

Being confronted with interpersonal relationships, I was constantly exposed to the challenges associated with my childhood patterns of fear of people, and as Susan Jeffers wrote in her book Act although anxiety. So it was with me. My fear, which was a limiting force for my actions, at the same time was a driving force to seek ever more efficient ways to overcome it, go crossing it. Sometimes I was collapsed by it, but very soon I rebirth like a Phoenix.

Questionning myself of the power inherent in the archetype, I found many of my experiences from my early childhood, as well from adult life which re-wounds me many times, because of my fear- pattern, so I started to re-construct myself, collecting each wounded part of me, piece by piece, to return to healthy pattern. Yes, I have become exceptionally competent in how to gather strength, how to find potential health in myself.

In these years of life experiences I discovered in myself an extremely valuable advantages and talents: flexibility, invincibility, rebirth, striving forward. I became the undisputed pioneer in leading the process of constantly balancing personality. Of course my old programs gave itself felt in the form of messages: do not handle it alone, no one appreciates me, etc. But it was in me a power that constantly gave me  signs to know that I can handle it, and can overcome adversity, defeat fear and speak my truth.

That’s what I realized during my life experience, it was constant balancing and discriminate what was white with what was dark, anticipate challenges, exploring new solutions, new  lessons learned and following forward. So I learned from the experience and achieved continuous synthesis.

When I looked at what happened there in my life as many roles in the inner theater, it occurred to me that one of my actor is a great Innovator, a Pioneer, who plays for the audience. I asked myself : How to be a star ? And it occurred to me that the effect of crowns the work: I need fire, motivation, enthusiasm, determination, and it will create a new beginning and start to make new discoveries.

Here is my ADVICE TO YOU:

Become a courageous person. Discover the power in you to change – particularly what constitutes a problem for you. There are no problems – only matters to attend to and resolve them. Start  to solve them creatively, using pioneering solution, never used anywhere else. It’s your life and it’s your merit in your improvement – improving the quality of  YOUR life !

The Wounded Healer



It is often said in psychology that the best therapist is wounded therapist. I here name it differently – the Wounded Healer, because the way I had used for years is the way to health, by digging up the pattern of health, rather than immersing yourself in the disease or any pathology.

I work for to release blocked energy, which can not be expressed. This aspect of healing pierces recently in the energy psychology, and lack of it in the classical approach. It is an obligation to psychologist to have courage and determination to heal his wounds of his childhood, and this is just giving him full credibility in what he does. I met with the saying, moreover, that the person hid in the closet his shadows so as not to interfere with its function in the real world by helping others. And this is the main problem and at the same time the sense of his own work – its credibility by himself, his own example.

The wounded healer is responsible for life’s values. They should be healed at home. My life experience in childhood led me to the existence of the wounds to heal them. When I joined this process, I realized the strength rooted in these wounds, which are healing power simultaneously, life values, which can thus be recovered. I realized that my repeated failure of health and determination and inner work to heal them and return to health has made me extremely competent person .
Lessons that brought me life wisdom is above all to realize the power in me (I can handle it) – the possibility of healing of my life in its various spheres. These lessons have gave me a special meaning, because by learning from my experience I could try out my strength, and in accordance with the laws of psychodynamics (taken from psychosynthesis) – this force increases when it is utilized.

Thus, I realized that the healing of my childhood and the discovery of the locked destructive energy liberated in me an enormous sensitivity to others, for their health problems, and my experience allows me to give them hope for their healing. So instead of being stocked in traumatic experiences and blaming others, and so ” a grounded trauma in me “, it allowed myself to release energy of trauma and reap the study of its occurrence in my life. I realized also that there is something more than the physical body as a result of experience (symptom) that appear years later.

Nothing in nature is lost, as in man! I saw the sense in trauma and beyond, more than experience it in my life.

Do you understand the meaning of your disease, your life experience? If it is clear for you, any disease has not purpose to exist in you? Do you want to understand it? Ask the experts in it – real Master Life Coach which discovered their purpose of life experiences!

Wounded child – another scene from my childhood


It would seem that the orphan-child has all the attributes of the child and there is no need to delve into it more. But I needed to understand me better, the more that a child as a girl, I was emotionally scarred. Indirectly I also discovered orphan-child in me, even though it was’ nt, in fact, because I had parents, but I was emotionally abandoned by them.

These two views of the child in me, gave me a strong foundation for understanding both: my  profession and health as a value. An injured child is regulating the highest potential in man. I realized that I could achieve the highest potential when I take care of my child, heal his hurts.

I wrote many times about my wounds in my healing subsequent scenes of my childhood. It was described also in my book ” Psychosomatic, emotional and spiritual aspects of stress disorders .” My experience of wounded child touched very deeply nearly all my life, both in feeling hurted (hence the sense of the victim in me too – because all these energies are intimately intertwined) and then decode and transform it in my holding strength, my profession, helping others. I understood the magnitude of this force, as it affects the quality of life of every human being, and how over the years I took on responsibilities to be the ultimate authority.

I’ve learned from my life lessons a lot of wisdom especially than I can achieve the greatest potential taking care of my wounded child. I could thus overcome the biggest fear of people (those adults who hurted children years ago, those standing at the door and causing fear consequences for life for the whole family). I could overcome all the health problems and, above all, protect myself, make my orphan-child – healthy child, supported his development of reaching the top of his potential, implemented in himself.

Trauma blocks to achieve the highest potential, and exceeding it helps to look at it from a distance, as the power to support hurted child, and thus help other abused children (often unconsciously) in families or by life circumstances.

This is not only any description. This is real case of authentic life to show you to take advantage from it. Do you have happy child or wounded child? Could you see what your life is showing you the way to go, to fulfill your meaning of any experience, any disease, any energy whish is deeply rooted inside of this event to discover it and use for your fulfillment.

The Balance of the Profit and Loss Account – More about what You’re missing

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Reading constantly a lot remarks of the persons who suffer from fibromyalgia and other symptoms manifested by fatigue and pain in various parts of the body, I noticed a pattern. These people, constantly looking for something new, something different, something that will bring them a magic pill that will heal their ailments. They do not see that all powers lie in them and it depends on them to be healthy or ill, to understand its roots and decode their reasons.

Recently I found a link to the groups which will be open up to the possibility of learning from volunteers, suffering from fibromyalgia, who will talk about successes in improving their quality of life, even though they are still coping with the disease. I found this manner as an excellent way for the creation of support groups and sharing their experiences. This particular program that there is some entry fee, but subsequent weekly or monthly meetings on-line are already without charge.

I am writing from my point of view, the person (medical researcher too) who heal fibromyalgia and decoded many other health problems. ALMOST EVERY DAY I share both WHAT CAUSED me problems, as well as (more or less two months of daily writing  as a volunteer, without any new programs, entry fee, etc. )  HOW TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE every day, making more and more better quality of life of sufferers.

My questions are as follows: Is being a reader of this or other blogs – YOU USE what you already occurred, got it into your life every day, or  you only scan each section or you read it superficially, postponed it, with the conviction that this is not for you, and you ‘re waiting for something different, grander, something that WILL GIVE YOU A SOLUTION that will heal your problem immediately? DO YOU USE what is described and PRACTICED in life and at work, ot REJECTED IT, WAITING FOR SOMETHING ELSE? DO YOU RESPECT what you ALREADY occurred, have already been completed, or waiting for the next course, a person who will bring you something different ?

Watching the materials to the underlying course – each council is valuable, but when it is applied comprehensively to something else, and especially YOUR INNER WORK  to understand the problem that caused your symptoms. There is no copy, no tracing, one recipe, one secret that someone will betray you. You have to look for THE SECRET TO YOURSELF AND THERE LIES YOUR SOLUTIONS! Do not wait for the next course, Do it NOW!

Every day, for so many months I am getting you my signposts. ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING what is written there? Remember that this is a PROCESS, not a magic pill that works instantly. STICK TO ONE THING, but DO IT , enter into force, and do not jump from flower to flower !

DID YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE with what you already have, which is written, which came ALREADY every day, giving you tips what you do NOW ?

If YES , you are on your way to SUCCESS !

If NOYOU WASTED another chance and you are waiting for another miracle, that can not happen, because you’re wasting chance when it appears …

The PROPER TIME IS NOW, every day, not tomorrow, sometime, for three weeks …. never !



Life is the new constant growth



Your past is gone, your future not exist. It is important today, and what you create with thoughts, emotions and images that you create in the mind. When you decide to live in a new way, your thoughts and images of the disease are to be replaced with images of health. You have to create them constantly, to enrich day with new elements, so as to build a house in which you want to live. In fact, you do it. Being spiritual nature in the body, your body is the home for the soul. Do you want to live in a rotten, sick house? Your soul is more than your body. She calls out to you, cries out for attention. She feels and shows you the way. She needs continue to grow. Stay in touch with her, follow her cry. She knows where you are going, what she wants to learn and what to understand by your life, your daily experience. Let her guide you every day.

What do you improve ? What do you understand now ? Why do you experience today? You deserve everything – on health, well-being, joy of life.

Dig deeper, while reaching above, embracing more, create a new quality of life for yourself. If you do not know how to do it, ask questions . Who asks – do not wander. Feel yourself, improve your state.

You create yourself every day. You create QUALITY of your new life.

Let yourself at ease


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For people leading car is known possibility of releasing it at ease, for example when going downhill in a free area and when is no need to rush.
The period after Christmas, when we cease to live in a hurry, once everything has been sorted, prepared, eaten, the guests parted, we can finally relax – give yourself slack. Nothing and no one is chasing you, you are free to think about yourself and what you can do for yourself, and so just BE!
So let us give respite, complete lazy, doing nothing . We are not able to do everything, and sometimes the mind is so creative that can constantly invent new activities. Let’s stop listening to it . Let’s give him free time, let’s slow thinking, let’s feel … feel yourself and your bliss. Nothing can keep us chasing, expects nothing ! You can give yourself complete freedom!

Can you do it for yourself today! Be at ease ? Feel the backlash, nothing, just being …

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