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Where is your Teacher ?


Watching another archetype that has played and continues to play an important role in my life, I found a Teacher. She is responsible for the spiritual development, spiritual dimension of me. Direct association that came to my mind corresponded to being a champion in any field . For many years, I was confronted with my role as a teacher, being a university teacher educator and then leading educational programs conducted by the Association “Education for the Future” , which I created in 1997. And again, I found great strength of this archetype, which constantly revealed in me, and simultaneously honed to perfection – to become a champion in the area that I explore concerning HEALTH in all its dimensions. I understood that explored primarily myself, my functioning, attributes, health and human development, thus  I have reached through the physical to the spiritual dimension. Again, I noticed her enormous strength, constant improvement, investing in myself, to be even more. I became competent, I became an authority, and especially for myself and what I used to improve my health. I do not have anyone to ask – I just KNOW from inside, using all my skills which I discovered and improved through years, aptitudes and mental functions that run for years, expanding them to perfection. So for example, my most important guideline is intuition. I ask myself and I receive an answer. My lesson from life has become following this maxim: ” practice makes perfect you” . Yes, constantly feeding myself to perfection does what athletes reach – they beat new records – which are continually crossing their borders, farther and deeper … to perfection … and even further.

I discovered important features in me: the determination and courage. Over the years I watched people who pledged to deal with spiritual development, but as soon as anything happened in their lives – even flimsy runny nose or cold – immediately they ran with it to the doctor. Is it applies to their faith? Do they believe in themselves, in their power, in their spiritual calling and leadership ? Absolutely not, they believed in magic pills, other people’s advice, and not in what concerns themselves and their communication with their higher nature, the cosmos, God …
When I’m in the dark, I do not know the way, I do not trust myself or a higher power in me. When I trust myself, I trust in my abilities, talents, higher power . I am an Authority. I am the Author of my life, health, anything what I am doing, believing in myself, the Teacher for me.

Are you an Authority, a Teacher, a Master of yourself? Do you believe in YOU? Or maybe you just think that you believe ? What is faith in yourself ? What is its meaning?

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