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As the Author / Director of your art is present, or went on vacation, and your role of the Author, took usurper ?


Today I continue the subject of archetypal life energy. This is my next pattern.

The Author presents a view of the world, of what is shown to you in the course of education at home and schooling. If you were filled with fear, instilled fear for survival, fighting for survival or money, you constantly have to do this, reflecting as in a mirror your’s received, pressed into your patterns.

It was just my way – the way I walked, realizing given to me in childhood patterns of fear.
My direct association with this pattern related to the conclusion after years that I am the author of what surrounds me. Meanwhile, my life was a typical inverted mirror: this world has an influence on me, and I can not do anything about it. My relationships with others, (I wrote about it in my previous models) showed me that I have to constantly adapt myself, deny myself, to be finally the program of the others, not me! I discovered enormous power inherent in this pattern of life energy, which over the years did’nt permit me to take a step forward, to see it all in my own mirror and start to change that.

We have to come to this point in life, when we come to the bottom or wall, from which the only way is reflecting in the opposite direction. And then it is just beginning to change for the better ! Otherwise we do not want to understand, we put everything on later, tomorrow, we put in the hands of others, read something, but we do not understand, we do not refer to ourselves, to our inner power!

So I had to repeatedly reach the bottom, wait crises on all fronts to begin to change my life.

With the lessons of life and wisdom from it I now know that I can alone create a world in which I would like to live. I discovered my talents of writing, which has been simmering in me from youth age, but only 15 years ago I started to have the full benefit from it. I have incredible insights, the sensitivity of the body and as soon as anything happens to it, I immediately proceed it to make an overview and understanding of this matter. I understood that the role of the author is to take matters into his own hands, creating opportunities, opening them, follow them.

How is your life? Do you know the answer to the question posed in the title ?

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