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Where is your Teacher ?


Watching another archetype that has played and continues to play an important role in my life, I found a Teacher. She is responsible for the spiritual development, spiritual dimension of me. Direct association that came to my mind corresponded to being a champion in any field . For many years, I was confronted with my role as a teacher, being a university teacher educator and then leading educational programs conducted by the Association “Education for the Future” , which I created in 1997. And again, I found great strength of this archetype, which constantly revealed in me, and simultaneously honed to perfection – to become a champion in the area that I explore concerning HEALTH in all its dimensions. I understood that explored primarily myself, my functioning, attributes, health and human development, thus  I have reached through the physical to the spiritual dimension. Again, I noticed her enormous strength, constant improvement, investing in myself, to be even more. I became competent, I became an authority, and especially for myself and what I used to improve my health. I do not have anyone to ask – I just KNOW from inside, using all my skills which I discovered and improved through years, aptitudes and mental functions that run for years, expanding them to perfection. So for example, my most important guideline is intuition. I ask myself and I receive an answer. My lesson from life has become following this maxim: ” practice makes perfect you” . Yes, constantly feeding myself to perfection does what athletes reach – they beat new records – which are continually crossing their borders, farther and deeper … to perfection … and even further.

I discovered important features in me: the determination and courage. Over the years I watched people who pledged to deal with spiritual development, but as soon as anything happened in their lives – even flimsy runny nose or cold – immediately they ran with it to the doctor. Is it applies to their faith? Do they believe in themselves, in their power, in their spiritual calling and leadership ? Absolutely not, they believed in magic pills, other people’s advice, and not in what concerns themselves and their communication with their higher nature, the cosmos, God …
When I’m in the dark, I do not know the way, I do not trust myself or a higher power in me. When I trust myself, I trust in my abilities, talents, higher power . I am an Authority. I am the Author of my life, health, anything what I am doing, believing in myself, the Teacher for me.

Are you an Authority, a Teacher, a Master of yourself? Do you believe in YOU? Or maybe you just think that you believe ? What is faith in yourself ? What is its meaning?

As the Author / Director of your art is present, or went on vacation, and your role of the Author, took usurper ?


Today I continue the subject of archetypal life energy. This is my next pattern.

The Author presents a view of the world, of what is shown to you in the course of education at home and schooling. If you were filled with fear, instilled fear for survival, fighting for survival or money, you constantly have to do this, reflecting as in a mirror your’s received, pressed into your patterns.

It was just my way – the way I walked, realizing given to me in childhood patterns of fear.
My direct association with this pattern related to the conclusion after years that I am the author of what surrounds me. Meanwhile, my life was a typical inverted mirror: this world has an influence on me, and I can not do anything about it. My relationships with others, (I wrote about it in my previous models) showed me that I have to constantly adapt myself, deny myself, to be finally the program of the others, not me! I discovered enormous power inherent in this pattern of life energy, which over the years did’nt permit me to take a step forward, to see it all in my own mirror and start to change that.

We have to come to this point in life, when we come to the bottom or wall, from which the only way is reflecting in the opposite direction. And then it is just beginning to change for the better ! Otherwise we do not want to understand, we put everything on later, tomorrow, we put in the hands of others, read something, but we do not understand, we do not refer to ourselves, to our inner power!

So I had to repeatedly reach the bottom, wait crises on all fronts to begin to change my life.

With the lessons of life and wisdom from it I now know that I can alone create a world in which I would like to live. I discovered my talents of writing, which has been simmering in me from youth age, but only 15 years ago I started to have the full benefit from it. I have incredible insights, the sensitivity of the body and as soon as anything happens to it, I immediately proceed it to make an overview and understanding of this matter. I understood that the role of the author is to take matters into his own hands, creating opportunities, opening them, follow them.

How is your life? Do you know the answer to the question posed in the title ?

A Pioneer and Innovator



Reading, then working a few years ago with a book “Anathomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, I discovered among my archetypal energy a Pioneer / Innovator. He is responsible for balancing the personality, to grow below ego and return home. When I looked at my life through the years, I realized continuously pioneering activities, strengthen me as a person.

Being confronted with interpersonal relationships, I was constantly exposed to the challenges associated with my childhood patterns of fear of people, and as Susan Jeffers wrote in her book Act although anxiety. So it was with me. My fear, which was a limiting force for my actions, at the same time was a driving force to seek ever more efficient ways to overcome it, go crossing it. Sometimes I was collapsed by it, but very soon I rebirth like a Phoenix.

Questionning myself of the power inherent in the archetype, I found many of my experiences from my early childhood, as well from adult life which re-wounds me many times, because of my fear- pattern, so I started to re-construct myself, collecting each wounded part of me, piece by piece, to return to healthy pattern. Yes, I have become exceptionally competent in how to gather strength, how to find potential health in myself.

In these years of life experiences I discovered in myself an extremely valuable advantages and talents: flexibility, invincibility, rebirth, striving forward. I became the undisputed pioneer in leading the process of constantly balancing personality. Of course my old programs gave itself felt in the form of messages: do not handle it alone, no one appreciates me, etc. But it was in me a power that constantly gave me  signs to know that I can handle it, and can overcome adversity, defeat fear and speak my truth.

That’s what I realized during my life experience, it was constant balancing and discriminate what was white with what was dark, anticipate challenges, exploring new solutions, new  lessons learned and following forward. So I learned from the experience and achieved continuous synthesis.

When I looked at what happened there in my life as many roles in the inner theater, it occurred to me that one of my actor is a great Innovator, a Pioneer, who plays for the audience. I asked myself : How to be a star ? And it occurred to me that the effect of crowns the work: I need fire, motivation, enthusiasm, determination, and it will create a new beginning and start to make new discoveries.

Here is my ADVICE TO YOU:

Become a courageous person. Discover the power in you to change – particularly what constitutes a problem for you. There are no problems – only matters to attend to and resolve them. Start  to solve them creatively, using pioneering solution, never used anywhere else. It’s your life and it’s your merit in your improvement – improving the quality of  YOUR life !

Power of inner child

In many situations of adult life, appear on the surface (and thus the behavior) characteristics of abused children. These are also the characteristics of the victim. This child needs to be soothed, and his wounds understood and healed. Such a child or as an adult is constantly in a mental hole, and these features make shortly a state of depression. The more these experiences are stopped and not observed, including a child period, then an adult must mobilize forces to survive. It requires therefore increasing power of survival. Becoming aware of misuse your power to pitting yourself, allows you to reverse the process and putting it in the opposite direction, to rescue yourself.

Recovery of child innocence, allows you to recover all your treats, inherent in the creative potential of life that it can begin to be realized through your talents. Inside the wound of a small child lies so enormous power and healing it allows you to realize your potential. The wound is dark site of ourselves that covers all the potential in us. Healing it, crossing the trauma, gives strength in achieving your potential.

This child – my little girl, my life was shaped by a road of my life, and determined the way to good health. She showed me how to practice it, and above all to find it.

Do you want to find power in your childhood, not trauma? Go my way and heal it. I can help you in pleasure through my consultations and coaching. Go to the website and make appointment. You are worthy to be healthy and live healthy life!

Harmonious Child development

The movement is an art

Fibromyalgia and more. 8. The movement is an art Dr Ewa D Bialek

Movement is one of the forms of the body improvement and recovery. Recently I wrote about mindfulness and diligence. To achieve this goal it is very important to be self-observer (I wrote about it a few times). It is useful in the observation of treatment effects in the body.

The movement is an art, it has to reflect every detail, both in the image issued by the painter, as well as the patient. Pain or fatigue, it encompasses a specific area of the body or the whole of it, and the movement, used to improve or suppress them has an impact on its individual elements. It is as if doing some change of it into tiny pieces, to it gradually reduce and eliminate. It is often invisible to the patient on a scale of one day, so can cause discouragement, and thus lack of mindfulness and diligence.

A few years ago one of my friends when I was in California, invited me to a class based on the method of Feldenkreis. So far I have not encountered with this technique. However, this technique made me realize most the art in motion. I understood this much earlier, working with me during my recovery process, but was then that, for these exercises, I realized that this kind of movement (slow, and conscious), based on the art of self-observation, is most effective in the recovery process.

The movement is an art, starting in the subtle levels of the body.

Which art do you want to perform today?

Life is your lesson and school

Life has brought me a lot of health problems, which I encountered over the years. When I discover to believe in myself, and began to look deeper into their problems, I began to understand their roots, and it began to release capacity and availability solution . Many of these solutions was in the range of my skills, many had to learn to help myself through a change of thinking and reacting. When I introduced it into my life, the problem solved itself, and I released the negative energy deposited in the body because of it. Since then, the energy does not have influence on me. Sometimes I needed some action from the outside, such as changes in lifestyle. It could be a simple way to introduce some simple exercises, body movements, changes in diet. Sometimes I needed someone from the outside, such as talking to someone to whom I trust. Sometimes it was the person who showed me a technique or method that could help in my inner transformation. When I asked myself what shall I do, and then appeared the idea of that, or the person or announcement to search outside and use something that came to me in the question.

As a result, I applied many different methods and techniques, the effects of which I was able to control up to date with my inner sensibility running over  years of painful experiences. With this ability so I could regularly monitor the reactions of the body, describe the process, know when to stop doing something or to change the way. Every external influence was necessary to me as an impetus to the internal process, but it did not have to accompany me constantly. It was like the ignition, which is needed to launch such in a car to lit.

Usually people using of any external procedures, do not know when to stop. They go on them constantly, even though they are no longer the unnecessary. I learned to read myself and what my body is communicating at any given time. It saved the financial resources to something that has already fulfilled its role and may be discontinued, and I can help myself further without the help of others.

How I did it, in fibromyalgia, I described in the book Overcoming Fibromyalgia. One Woman’s Success Story Against the Odds,, which my friend translated into English, being a native speaker. I run a promotional campaign for its release.

You can join in the action, helping me to share this hope with others  It is a link to share:

Your path is unique

Your way of life is unique. No one else has gone so far that road and it will not go any more in the same way as you did. Your experiences led to what you have now. This does not mean that they were wrong. This means that you have to understand, to integrate them into your life and learn from them as lessons in school. If you learn the next lesson, you can go to the next level. If you do not learn the lesson, you repeat the experience, sometimes thousands of times, until you understand it. Then they do not have to repeat this, because you start to put your life wisdom learned from this experience.

It is with reflection and repeatability of experiences you realize that you did or not your homework or understand it.

Many years I have repeated old patterns, until I started watching them. I’ve noticed that I have a single standard of behavior and keep it up I copy in different situations. It was not mine, it was employed or created in the circumstance or situation that was uncomfortable for me, I had to somehow survive.

I was not needed after all these painful circumstances these old patterns. I wanted to live differently, I wanted to live according to my plan, and not forced by circumstances or other people’s patterns of behavior and emotional responses. It was for me the need, the need for change, seeing the other pole.

Only if we understand what it means to be sick or lonely, without love, we begin to appreciate fully what it means to be healthy and loved and we begin to search them. This is the deepest motivation to change feel what it means to experience what we do not want.

What do you want for yourself in life? What do not you like? Can you imagine that today? This is the first step to change …. see the change ..

Be fully present

Title of the episode captures exactly what is important to you every day. Most people live in the past, contemplating yesterday or past events. They are not present now. They constantly experiencing the past. This is because they do not realize their observer. This requires a change. Living the past you recall ever have lived events, refresh them, create them constantly recurring images, filling memory of what has already been. This application brings the memory of your sadness, grief, despair, and sometimes anger at someone or something, even angry at God that gave you such a life. This pattern reinforces in you all the symptoms of the disease, as you move continuously in the same kind of energy to deny ourselves and what‘s underneath before your wounds were created to live.

But you are not your wounds. You just continually renew them, as if you were ripped off again scab has already formed on the bleeding wound. Your personal injury due to someone or something a long time ago does not exist, especially when it was formed in childhood. You, however, it nourishes, brings to life, empower their feelings it caused.

What is possible, if you are present now.? When you start to observe yourself, you will notice that you are not now, but in the past. You can see what you feed your thoughts and what your emotions caused by them. This is an essential step to change that. Now you have to decide that your past is not now.

From now you will begin to control your thoughts and reality which is formed and begin to change it by changing your thoughts. It’s as if you change your diet. Probably you remember (if you had small children or contact with them) that when the diet is changing children from mother’s milk to external food, it is changing the color and smell of the stool. Likewise, your thoughts and emotions change radiations around you which is what you create with your thoughts around you and in yourself.

This is not a miracle that happens in one day. It is a process of change of your internal and external reality. You need to initiate and successfully repeat it day after day. Some people ask me, when will this be? Ask yourself: when you start doing it and you’ll be constantly repeated?

This is a habit that you have to live from now on. This is your new lifestyle: watch yourself, release it as necessary and replace what serves your health and development.

This is the lesson that life has taught me: when I start to live in the here and now, I notice that I create thoughts and emotions and begin to change. And this will create my reality that I want to live, I want to experience.

And you, what will you do today for this purpose?

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