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Today is the last Archetype


What I am describing are my archetypes. You may have a different constellation, depending on what happened in your life. This work, which I made with archetypes in myself, I desire to inspire you to do a similar review in you. You will understand more your life: where you come from, where you are and where you’re going ?

My last archetype, who I watched in depth is the Alchemist . He is responsible for the resources of other people. My direct association concerned with the fact that I can process the resources of other people for my own and their good.

Looking from the perspective of my life, based on my patterns, taken from my parents and school education – I paid attention, I never tried to do it, not knowning I could use the resources of others. This was difficult experience, but it showed me that I did not only resist to trust others, and that I can include them to my mutual success, showing them a broader perspective, it is important not only for me but also for them. It made ​​me realize that relationships can melt the gold and this has just used the Alchemist. So I discovered the tremendous forces inherent in this archetype. I passed also realized how difficult it was to me over the years to convince anyone to do anything for himself (for his health), showing him the various methods and means, and in the meantime he did not want to use it, look for somewhere else, did not want to take away anything from me. I noticed this huge holding strength lying in the difficulties of belief system of anyone, and at the same time constantly lying dormant in me to do it – look for other ways to transform them – for their own good.

In my life lessons I learned a great wisdom that human has as the resources which can be processed into gold. Just being aware of them, lead them where they are hidden in them, then they do with their real use. I discovered in myself the resources and talent to do this, involving the determination, the ability to create new quality, the use of the resources of others to show them how they can use them for the common good.

Thus, I constantly defeated my fears about people, my and their lack of trust, friendship, kindness. Also I overcame my depression, loneliness, lack of love, health problems affecting the heart and stomach (love in my heart, digestion –as a lack in the relationships). I learned in the meantime  how to recover my immunity system (the possibility of immune system running at deep levels of myself), thus improving it to recover its strength, and regeneration of the body, all of my health problems. I taught also observing any positive change in people and in me, which appear in connection with the archetype and its home.

Looking from a deep perspective of the archetype, I realized also that he in regulating all aspects related to financial, legal, inheritance, the strength and courage of self-reliance. I realized how important is loyalty to myself, like loving myself . This archetype is also known as a creative magician, because it starts the ability to cope with the money, the processing of problematic relationships in gold.

Do you have your Magician, Alchemist? Is there present in you, helping to recover your problems with relationships?

What role has played a Wise woman in your life?


Wise Woman Archetype is responsible for ignorance / subconscious. My experience focused me on continually crises and crossing of depression (without medication) to overcome them in many areas of life. As a result, I could cope with them, understand their profound meaning. I became a competent person, because I based on me, without the help of others.

My wisdom comes just to be aware of me, my Wise Woman and the use of her tips by learning how to access it. My job is to constantly search, expanding ability to read asking the question and listen the answers, coming from me.

Where is your Wise Woman in you? Did you search her? Did you find her and listen her advice?

Do you want to know how to do it? Knowing your inner wisdom?

Orphan-child pattern and the consequences to your life over years

100_1503 modified

The energies of this archetype were more anticipated than conscious. When I came across the description, and then work on the archetype in me, I realized how much I duplicate the pattern of life for years. Orphan –child is responsible for the profession and health, and has a major impact on it. My child – orphan caused orphan-disease, which I was not conscious of it, like the relationships with people that I felt as loneliness. I understood its enormous holding strength over me and how much I became competent in the interpretation of this archetype.

After years of life I understood the wisdom gleaned from this lesson. I realized the impact on quality of life and health. Thus, my current profession has become a healing, recovery of health, because it – childorphan was the reason for my health problems since childhood. My basic fear of the children was mainly the one that nobody loves me, that my health problems related to loneliness, so the circumstances of outbreaks of disease orphan. I also understand my unconscious habits of swaying forward and backward, when often sat alone. It was rocking” of the child, rocking him to soothe his pain and suffering, but over the years I totally did not notice that either, or did not understand.

My challenge now is taking care of her, that the child was not lonely anymore. I embed her in the main core of my work life as a foundation from which it grows the tree of life”. Thus, I also had to create a harmony between work and health. This archetype determines how to interpret the possibilities in life, and be binding with finances. The main goal in my harmony in my life since then was to become care giver of my orphan-child, as all the resources within me arise from the care, reap from this care.

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