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The Wounded Healer



It is often said in psychology that the best therapist is wounded therapist. I here name it differently – the Wounded Healer, because the way I had used for years is the way to health, by digging up the pattern of health, rather than immersing yourself in the disease or any pathology.

I work for to release blocked energy, which can not be expressed. This aspect of healing pierces recently in the energy psychology, and lack of it in the classical approach. It is an obligation to psychologist to have courage and determination to heal his wounds of his childhood, and this is just giving him full credibility in what he does. I met with the saying, moreover, that the person hid in the closet his shadows so as not to interfere with its function in the real world by helping others. And this is the main problem and at the same time the sense of his own work – its credibility by himself, his own example.

The wounded healer is responsible for life’s values. They should be healed at home. My life experience in childhood led me to the existence of the wounds to heal them. When I joined this process, I realized the strength rooted in these wounds, which are healing power simultaneously, life values, which can thus be recovered. I realized that my repeated failure of health and determination and inner work to heal them and return to health has made me extremely competent person .
Lessons that brought me life wisdom is above all to realize the power in me (I can handle it) – the possibility of healing of my life in its various spheres. These lessons have gave me a special meaning, because by learning from my experience I could try out my strength, and in accordance with the laws of psychodynamics (taken from psychosynthesis) – this force increases when it is utilized.

Thus, I realized that the healing of my childhood and the discovery of the locked destructive energy liberated in me an enormous sensitivity to others, for their health problems, and my experience allows me to give them hope for their healing. So instead of being stocked in traumatic experiences and blaming others, and so ” a grounded trauma in me “, it allowed myself to release energy of trauma and reap the study of its occurrence in my life. I realized also that there is something more than the physical body as a result of experience (symptom) that appear years later.

Nothing in nature is lost, as in man! I saw the sense in trauma and beyond, more than experience it in my life.

Do you understand the meaning of your disease, your life experience? If it is clear for you, any disease has not purpose to exist in you? Do you want to understand it? Ask the experts in it – real Master Life Coach which discovered their purpose of life experiences!

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